miam miam

so everyone is talking about MIAM MIAM when it first branched in One Utama, KL. found that MIAM MIAM is no longer MIAM MIAM after my first visit, it is changed to FRANCO.

heard the queue was crazy and the food is good. I happened to be at One Utama on a random weekday, to my surprise, there is no queue at all.
I consider myself quite a lucky one, as I heard people were queuing for their tables. the only thing that I don't like about it is their tables are placed way too near to each other, overheard some conversation unintentionally. 

quite a classy menu

although they have changed the name of the restaurant to FRANCO, but the menu still remain the same.

squid ink rice with assorted seafood

this dish caught my eye when I first glance the menu, I have no idea why, I always have a thing for squid ink dish.

looking gross while eating the squid ink rice, mouth, teeth and tongue are all in black. drank quite an amount of water to clean my mouth from the squid ink.

souffle pancake

the signature french toast

Souffle de Nuage

In English term, it is tomato fried rice with seafood covered by crusted fluffy cloud of eggs and cheese. have to wait minimum 20 minutes for this. I personally think this is a bit too much for a person to finish it as it gets disgusted after having too much.

I do think the food there is good and the price is quite reasonable. only tried 4 dishes from there and they are all recommended by famous food bloggers. I was told the food is nice, but it is not as nice as it needs that long queue.
my recommendation? try it when there is no queue. I personally love the squid ink rice the most. definitely trying out more of the dishes.

signing off. XOXO

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