who do u think you are?

I know how people say haters gonna hate. but then again, I don't hate bitches for no reason. some bitches are meant to be hated.

this happened quite some time ago, about a month plus. so there is this girl who looks decent, the kind of girl that can be categorized as pretty girl.
as usual, pretty girls usually catch people's attention, so does she.

I kind like her at first, cause she's super polite and smiles most of the time. then now flashing back, it's fucking because she is fucking there for interview.
met her few times at some events, and you have no idea how she fucking reacts. her eyes definitely is on top of her head one, only greet and talk with those she thinks is worth her time.
not only that, for some reason we need to double confirm on her name on the list. couldn't find her so called English name and asked for her Chinese name, guess how she replies? I don't have a China name.

hello? am asking for your Chinese name, not China name! are you ashamed of the name your mother gave it to you?
and yeah, we found her so called not her China name in the list. of course, she is using her so called English name in her email address.

excuse me, who do you think you are? I have met people who have achieved better in your industry as you are, but they don't have the shitty personality as you own.


heard that you didn't get what you wanted, sorry for that. you know what? you are not even qualified to get what I have gotten.

since then, I fucking hate her. out of nowhere, I don't think she's pretty anymore. she may still looks pretty in her instagram account, but how many of the pictures are reliable?!

viewed her videos occasionally (don't really watch her videos or read her blog, don't wanna help her gain her views), and felt fucking disgusted by her act cute or act so hai look in the video. you might be able to blind those who do not know you, but you can't fake a fact. 

I guess personality does affect how someone looks. it means nothing if you have a shitty personality, somehow you will get shitty look with the kind of shitty personality you have.

inner beauty they say. I don't say I have those awesome personality or I look pretty, but am pretty sure I am a better person than you. lastly, FUCK YOU!

signing off. XOXO

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