angry driver

this happened 2 nights ago, when I went out with an anonymous friend. not disclosing the name of the driver, the driver needs some kind of privacy protection.

so we went out to one of the dessert house in Kuantan at night, let's say the only dessert house. then we left the place and decided to go home and we passed by a narrow road with a row of shop lot at the side before making a right turn and head out to the main road. the driver did not check on the road before making the turn.
coincidentally there is a Kelisa coming quite fast from our left, which we supposedly let the Kelisa pass tthrough first as it's a straight path for the Kelisa. screamed a bit in the car when I saw the Kelisa coming with that speed and gave us a long honk for cutting in the Kelisa path. nagged on the driver a bit on why not checking the road before making a turn.

when we thought everything is over, things just started and it got worse. the driver raises the hand and cover the face when the Kelisa pass by and stare into the car as hard as possible. I can really feel how hard the fella is staring into the car though it's drizzling out there.
to avoid anymore drama, the driver turns into another smaller path and leave the main road as soon as possible by driving as fast as possible. who knew the Kelisa followed us into the narrow path and gave us the "light signal".we continued to ignore it thinking the Kelisa will just give up on it if we ignore it for long enough.

our kind of reaction when the Kelisa is trying to tailgating us even after coming out from the narrow path. we were kind of terrified when we were tailgated by a car we don't even know but have to act cool at the same time. 

things got worse when the Kelisa sped up and cut into our lane. the Kelisa tried to stop our car down by stopping in front of us, or even not letting us pass by the path. 
we were kind of worried that the Kelisa was going to rob us after stopping us.

the driver tried to get away from the Kelisa but failed after attempting again and again till I yelled I should drive. when the car is stopped and we were going to switch seats, which we kind of failed because the driver is somehow way too paranoid about it and worrying. the anonymous friend of mine mentioned the guy from Kelisa has came down from the car and we can never leave already.

gave the driver a WHAT THE FUCK face when I was told it is too late to drive our car away already. because the Kelisa stop once we stop as well. and since we are not moving anymore, we have to face the angry driver and god knows what the guy is up to. 

the angry driver walked towards us and yelled right from outside of the car. he even knocked the window as if we have hit his car. a random van passed by and stopped a while, and then he just drove away after about 5 seconds.

another WHAT THE FUCK face of mine when the anonymous friend of mine winded the window more than half while dealing with the angry driver. the angry uncle can literally reach his hand to the car key with that much space given. so I kind of mentioned to wind up the window till the safe point. who knew the uncle slip his fingers in between while the driver is winding up and his fingers are stucked.

so the driver dealt with the angry uncle with the angry uncle fingers stucked at the window and another woman came out from the driver seat holding her phone in her hands recording all these. I let the driver talks to the angry uncle at first, roughly for a few minutes, but somehow the angry uncle is getting pissed and things are not turning any better.
I pushed the driver back a bit and asked the angry uncle why is he that pissed at us with the most pleasant way to calm him down. then to my surprise the angry uncle told us that the driver gave him a middle finger for honking at us. of course, am super sure the driver did not do that.

I explained to the angry driver on what he had mistaken when the driver is trying to cover the face instead of showing a middle finger. slowly, the angry uncle starts to calm down and stop raging on us. then the angry uncle turns back to his normal mode and accept our apologies by turning his back to us and went back in to his car along with the other woman.

am pretty amazed with myself till I have to give myself a high five for what I have done to save both of our lives. it was the greatest choice for not getting out from the car as the car is our only protection that time. god knows what will happen to us, what will the full raged uncle will do to us when we got out from the car.

my little advice, if you happen to be in this kind of situation, do not get out from the car. if you need to talk, let the fella talk to you through the window of your car. but be sure you are not winding the window too low. anyhow, stopping at the police station is the wisest choice.

signing off. XOXO

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