HAPPY 2015

It's the 1st day of 2015, Happy New Year everyone. can't believe time really flies, feels like it's only 2013 few days ago and it's 2015 already.

went out for the New Year celebration, the so called celebration is just another noun that makes the outing sounds a little special. all I did was eat and drink, with some alcohol.
waited for the parents for the holiday eve dinner, but they were sleeping dead and me and the brother decided not to wake them up. for your information, we usually have our so called pricey family dinner on holiday eves and also Saturday night.

left home around 10 and went to Owl Cafe, the parking lot is fucking congested and it was full house. so we left and head to Just Relax, somehow I was craving for the chicken chop don from there.
took us an hour to leave Owl Cafe and look for a parking spot nearby Just Relax as everyone is out for the New Year celebration by that time already. kind of wanted to leave Just Relax after knowing the place is full house, then I don't remember who saying we should wait for the table for a bit as some of the tables look like they are leaving. got ourselves a table at downstairs after waited for a bit.
what's unbelievable is the so called cowardly loyal hater somehow showed up at the same location where we were going to celebrate New Year. as mentioned, coward remains coward. nothing change in this new year.

Yi Wei, me, Marilyn (Joshua is out from the picture)

ordered a tequila pop from upstairs and a chicken chop don. waited for an eternity for my food. Marilyn said I have waited for the food since last year, a good line indeed.

Yi Wei had a bottle of beer and having her face all flushed red, looking like a roasted pig though. only both of us having alcohol drinks, Joshua and Marilyn don't feel like having any alcohol drinks.
guess it's a good thing also, Joshua is the one who is driving that night. Yi Wei looks quite retarded after finishing the whole bottle by herself, act like a retard as well.

that's my kind of celebration for New Year. didn't really celebrate it. all I want is the food and have some alcohol to welcome the new year. and also act like am not lifeless.
guess I'll still need some time not to scratch the 2014 column for my parking paper, remembering it's no longer 2014 anymore. have to deal with this every fucking first month of a new year, guess most of the people do as well.

my resolution for this year? get a well paid job and earn as much as I can.
my hope for this year? every year's the same, people who love me and people who I love stay healthy.

lastly, Happy New Year everyone.  =)

signing off. XOXO

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