mi red

so some incident happened and my pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is out of service. by here I mean, the phone can no longer be used anymore. and it needs an amount of money in order to fix it.

although I have no idea what is wrong with it but am pretty sure it's something to do with the screen as there is some obvious cracks can be seen beneath the screen. heard that it will cost a bomb in order to replace the screen. bought the phone from Samsung to avoid buying the replica ones, for sure am going to replace it with the original ones if am intended to replace it.
besides, god knows what else is not functioning in the phone. if fixing it might cost a bomb, might as well just change it since I have been using it for almost 2 years.

my phone still works perfectly as a mobile phone, or at least a phone. it still rings when there is incoming calls, just that I can no longer who calls because the whole screen is not functioning.
luckily I have set to answer and end calls by pressing home and lock buttons, that's the only reason why the phone can still be used. screen is totally dead, useless when I attempt to unlock the screen with hopes or trying my luck by swiping the screen aimlessly.
am still able to receive message, but can't read them at all because of the screen. lucky enough nothing is wrong with the storage, all the photos of mine are still there.

can't really survive without a proper phone in order to stay alive in the era, luckily the home has an extra phone for me to use. it's the mother's new phone bought by the father, but mother is still not using because she says it's too hard for her to learn how to use a smartphone.

yeap. both of my parents are still using a non-touch screen mobile phones. took a huge effort for the mother to finally learn how to text. they still prefer on calling straight instead most of the times.
the biggest achievement of my father is know how to use an iPad to transfer money for us. that's the only purpose of him buying an iPad at home. the iPad is a money transfer machine to him instead of a fancy technology thingy. I can say I have the best parents ever.

so back to the phone. so yeah, I think the father signed a contract with maxis and got a mi red phone back then. have no idea why the father is signing another number as no one is using that number.
the brother did use it for a little while when his iPhone is out of service, I think something to do with the crack screen as well, so much coincident. and he had been complaining how lag and huge the phone is.
I personally think the size of the phone is okay as I was using Note 2 previously, and the phone functions quite well on me at first. it moves perfectly ans smoothly before I started laying my fingers on the fucking keyboard, and also some easy apps such as instagram and twitter.

so the phone looks more or less like my Note 2 as it is a note version as well, just that it's not Samsung but Mi. fully doubt my brother when my brother told me how lag the phone is, and he prefer his iPhone though he had been complaining how lag his iPhone is.

I cannot believe how this fucking phone fucking try my fucking limit. I fucking rage every fucking time am trying to use the phone. am in that kind of dilemma whether to use or not to use this fucking phone, I'll be out of contact if I don't use one but I'll fucking rage when I use it.
I have decreased the time of mine on 

you have no fucking idea how the fucking keyboard functions. am an android user, they supposedly share the fucking same system, but somehow stupid words come out whenever am typing in my speed.
I need to slow my the speed of mine in order to make sure every words I have typed look like what I have typed, else I look like an idiot with 100000 of typos in a fucking short text message. or, I need to erase and retype all over again.
besides, the phone itself is fucking slow. the screen kind of lag or delay when am trying to scroll a page, be it twitter or instagram.

basically me whenever am in a hurry or I need to reply stuff as soon as possible. I have only used for a day and I can no longer stand it anymore. imagine me using this for a year, I'll be like am on my PMS for the whole year.

to be honest, it doesn't feel that bad when I first lay my hand on the Mi Red. the graphic looks okay and the setting of the phone is quite new and it kind of caught my attention.
like any other phone, things got worse the longer you own it, just that this speeds up the time. luckily had an agreement with the father and the father had decided to sponsor half of the iPhone 6. buying it later and hoping they have ready stock because I can't stand this anymore!

signing off. XOXO

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