another overdue post. would tag this post as a throwback post if there is any hash tag needed. this happened when am still having my internship with Netccentric, 3 months ago.

so the boss Time assigned me a task, which is cleaning the so called store place. it might sound like an easy tough, that's because you have no idea how many stuff is stuffed at there.
took me almost a week full cleaning the place, cleaning it everyday after my daily task. should have took a picture of the before and after, the kind of satisfaction I got after the task has been completed.

a few days after cleaning the place, the boss came to my place and asked whether the place is cleaned and I showed him. he is quite happy with what I have done and decided to treat everyone in the office lunch on that day.
went to Avenue K for lunch, only 2 stations of LRT from the office (if am not mistaken). wanted to go to the Wondermama at first, but the place is full house.
then we went all the way upstairs and we were out of clue on what to eat. then we found SAMBA and another steak house which I don't really remember the name. I was given the right to make the call either the steak house and SAMBA, and I said I wanted the expensive ones.

I was told it is a Brazilian restaurant, and it is in buffet style. super atas to have a buffet Brazilian lunch for lunch hour, all thanks to the generous boss.

the restaurant was quite empty at first, then the people started to fill the empty spaces when the time pass by. we were quite early that day, about 12.30 max?

the bar

of course we did not order from the bar, but ordered at least 2 jugs of fruit juice. the juice is quite good though, watermelon juice if am not mistaken.

everyone get their asses off the chair and hunt for food after leaving their belongings on the table. we can get all the appetizers, soup, bread and variety of Brazilian dishes like any other buffet out there.

breads and soups

vegetables, meat, rice, you name it

some dude making pizza

the only difference with this restaurant is, they will serve us unlimited varieties of hot oven pizza to your plate till you said you had enough. the speed of the pizza is quite low, we were quite full for waiting the pizza.

Brazilian food they say

so far, everything is okay to me, but I seriously do not like the soup. somehow something doesn't taste right for me. I guess I don't really like Brazilian food then.


there is 3 different flavors of dessert we can choose from, the staffs brought them right next to us. chose this chocolate kind of mouse I guess, not a big fan though.

took us quite some time to finish our lunch there. I think we left at about 3 o'clock. again, special thanks to the generous boss for the food. 
at least I get to try how a Brazilian food taste like.so much for a lunch at lunch hour. now I can tell other I have tried Brazilian food, and am not a big fan of it.  =P

signing off. XOXO

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