selling preloved clothes

so am back in Kuantan for good about a month ago. decided to stay in Kuantan and work in Kuantan instead. still looking for a job in Kuantan, but the mother wishes I can get my ass back in KL and look for a job there.

since am back for good, so I moved e everything that had accompanied me for more than 3 years in KL back with me. thought the amount of stuff I have is normal till the times needed to move the stuff from room to car. and of course how full my little myvi is.
been complaining to the mother how little clothes I have, and the mother always saying because half of my clothes are in KL. didn't realize how much clothes I have till I have all of them at the same place, so much guilt that arose in me in a sudden.

so this is literally what happen to me. although I don't own a walk in wardrobe, but I have my own room with a ceiling tall wardrobe to stuff all my stuff, and apparel is 70% of it.

not only that, I own a bunk bed myself where I sleep the upper part and the lower part is where I keep all of my shoes, and of course in boxes. there goes my new shoe racks.
the mother been warning not to buy anymore new shoe racks, but I still buy them at the end as the shoe racks are mostly occupied by the youngest brother. besides, I bought a bag hanger as well.

I kind of admit I have more than enough of clothes when am trying really hard to squeeze another piece of my clothes in the wardrobe. with that amount of clothes I have in my wardrobe, I can no longer have my next shopping spree without doing anything with it, or if am not buying an extra wardrobe.
the problem is, there is no more space for an extra wardrobe in my room. so, the only solution is giving away the clothes that I no longer wear.
of course am giving away some of the clothes to the orphanage once in a while, but this is a large amount of clothes and they once cost me quite a bomb. so there goes the idea of selling my preloved clothes, so I can buy more clothes.

am not a shopaholic, at least am a rational buyer. but clothes will not rot themselves, and the amount will only increase if am not doing anything with it.

been thinking of creating the account, but am too lazy to do all the stuff needed till I have the ohm to do it last night. kind of regret for a bit after I have created the account when I thought of all the stuffs that I need to do for what I have started, still the urge of needing more clothes is my kind of motivation.
what's good about selling all my preloved clothes? they are still mine and I can still wear them till any buyer had decided to buy them from me. if this mini business doesn't work at the end of the day, I think I'll just buy another mini cupboard for the clothes then.

so yeah, I have created an account in instagram (KXOOTD) selling all of my preloved clothes. kindly drop by and have a look, thank you very much.

signing off. XOXO

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