been away from the blog for a while, the last post was in January! a lot been happening recently, finally have the time to settle down and update my blog.

On January, the initial plan was to attend the best friend convocation and stay for a week. brought a bouquet of fake flowers with super casual outfit, what for wearing that pretty when am not the spotlight of the day. #excusebeinglazy

somehow the plan failed when the mother rang me up on day 2 in KL, asking why am I still in KL though I have told her I will be in KL for a week. this happened because the aunt was backstabbing me saying am not working after graduated since last year July. they have been persuading me to work in KL instead when there is job opportunity but I insist on working back in hometown.
EXCUSE ME?! I went to Australia for a month and then had a 2 fucking month internship after that, and am now resting for only about a month. there it goes when people seeing you have a fabulous life.

been trying to tell the mother it is super easy to find a job in KL, told her I can get a job within a month but she rather listen to the aunt instead. been telling her I will look for a job in KL if the jobs I have applied in Kuantan had not respond upon my application by the end of the month, somehow she is not buying what am trying to say.
so there is goes, started looking for a job through anywhere I can find right after the best friend's convocation. as am staying in KL for a week and not going back for sure, so I have been looking for jobs the whole week while staying in KL.
within my expectations, I got myself a few interview opportunities from different companies and some of them are really the big and known companies. without hesitation, I accepted the 1st job that offer me for the job as an excuse to stop those bitches from backstabbing me in front of my mother.

for the sake of living and money, so there goes my life for the coming 2 years, that is if am still in the mood to take the MBA. luckily the work place is near to where am staying and the traffic is quite smooth in the morning.

after getting a job, I need to move most of my stuff from the hometown to where I stay. basically, I wore almost the same clothes in rotation within the period before bringing the things up to KL.
from cleaning up the place am staying to bringing things up from Kuantan to KL took me at least a month. going up and down from Kuantan to KL just to ensure I can still feel as if am home though am in KL. after all the effort, I can finally call the place am staying now my second home.

signing off. XOXO

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