the trailer able to touch my heart every time I watch the trailer before my movie in the cinema, having goosebumps all over my arms with the familiar fairy tale I have watched since am a little girl. 

been telling the movie companion of the day that I must watch this, and will not miss this movie. then I found Nuffnang is giving out the premiere movie tickets for Nuffnangers, as usual.
of course I would like to win the ticket and watch the movie beforehand, at least before any spoiler. so I joined and lucky me, I won the tickets.

from a young age, Ella is taught bu her mother to believe in the existence and presence of magic. everything is perfect until her mother contracts a fatal illness and dies. on her deathbed, she makes Ella promise that she will always have courage and show kindness to others. years later, Ella's father chosen Tremaine's widow, who has 2 daughters of her own, Drizella and Anastatia as his second wife.Ella welcomes her step family warmly despite the stepsister's rude attitude.

just like the classic well known fairy tale that we all know, the father goes abroad on business and becomes ill and dies. then, that's when Ella becomes Cinderella. that's when the story begins.

the movie kind of add in some laughing points for the audience, it's not those comedy kind of laughing point, just to lighten up the bitterness of the life Cinderella have in the movie. 

my favorite quote from the movie? when there is kindness, there is goodness. where there is goodness, there is magic.
magically, this quote gave me goosebumps every single time. although am just reading it plainly, I think this quote itself does have magic in it.

lastly, major thanks to Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures for the invitation to watch how the classic fairy tale that I knew for so long.

signing off. XOXO

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