V day ~ 2015

this year, decided not to go out for the celebration. no fancy dress or makeup on the face, but wearing my pajamas while having my v dinner.

kinda get the point where the mall will be super crowded, the traffic will be quite slow as people with valentine are going out, restaurants need to make advance booking, and the food will be over-priced.
therefore, I have decided that we make our own V dinner for the night. bought all of our stuff from the Ben's Independent Grocer, this place have all the "ang moh" ingredients we need.

taken before we went to hunt for the ingredients for the v dinner. had our brunch at a ramen restaurant. seriously, every restaurant is well decorated for the v day.

basically the food of the day.

soup of the day: a much more "ATAS" canned mushroom soup

someone's main dish: schnitzel chicken.

my main dish: my salmon with my very own marinated recipe. to be honest, it's super yums!

dessert of the day: Royce chocolate

drink of the day: cheap sparkling juice

sauce of the day: Nando's garlic sauce for someone and tartar sauce for me.

offed the light and on someone's table lamp to create the candle light dinner effect.

kind of overcooked for the night, left quite a portion of food for the brunch next day. what's more awesome? this meal costs us less than RM100.

V gift from someone

we have got each other a couple watch for the V day. instead of Baby G, I prefer G Shock. Somehow it caught my attention more than a Baby G does.

signing off. XOXO

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