Adelaide (part 3)

continuing my post from the previous post, it's been half a year the last time I update my previous post. in case you're searching, here is the previous post for Adelaide part 1 and here for part 2.


don't remember on which day, the cousins are not having any class, and so they decided to take me to the beach, by all the public transport they have in town.
as I can recall, we took a bus from the bust stop nearby my cousin's place. we then took a tram from a stop which I don't remember the name anymore. it's fucking convenient to travel around in the town and I feel safe even though am taking public buy at night.

I was told this is a tram

as I know, the Hong Kong call this as "ding ding" as it sounds so. it's actually a bus that is attached with the railway and operates as a train, if am not mistaken.

Glenelg beach

I guess this is kind a must go place in Adelaide as it is known as the popular beach-side suburb of the South Australian capital of Adelaide. I have been to the beach back at hometown quite frequent. but going to a beach during winter, that is totally different from what I have expected.

wet market they say

the day end early in Adelaide as it gets dark by 6 plus. we left the beach with frozen hands and head to the wet market to experience on how the locals' life is. to my surprise, the wet market is not that wet at all.

the symbol of Chinatown

although it is known as Chinatown, I feel more like an Asian town. so the Chinatown does not look like what had been portrayed in the movies, it's just a place with more Asians.

we then head for dinner as we were starving after wandering in the town whole day. I was brought to an Italian restaurant somewhere in the city as I was eager to try for risotto.

starter, cheese powder with soft bread

my all time favorite, spaghetti carbonara

some prawn salad

you have no idea how juicy the prawn is. not a big fan of rocket salad though.

seafood risotto

this is when am madly in love with risotto. having risotto is the only way that can fix my craving for rice at this "ang moh" place.

us with a full table of food

I think we over-ordered our dinner. we barely finish the food we had. the portion is definitely beyond the storage of our stomachs, I can feel how stretched my stomach is when we walk out from the restaurant.

the cousins say there is always a room for dessert, but not for me. they say this cafe is quite a hit at there, so I still get in there though our stomach is full. 

as I was treated for the dinner, therefore I offered them that am treating for the sweet tooth session. am not really a dessert person, but their desserts do look good when they are all displayed at the counter.
didn't order much but enough for the girls to fix their cravings for dessert. did try a bit on what they had, the salted chocolate tart is definitely something different, would give it a try if am going Adelaide again.

that's the end of day 4. stay tune for next post.

till then. XOXO

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