as I know, this venue gone viral when it first opened. so there is a day I passed by this restaurant when I was wandering around looking for new food in Publika, that is when I have decided to try this place.

this is what the place is called, Namoo. I heard the dessert is the selling point, too bad am there for food.

this is what Namoo impressed me the most, see how thoughtful they are by providing a hook under the table for us to hang our bag. I don't have to leave my bag awkwardly behind my bag or hugging it when am enjoying my food.

cinnamon punch with dried korea persimmon

thought should have order something special, end up ordering something we have totally no idea what the drink would taste like. and indeed, it is something we have never tasted of.

luckily we have ordered a cup of sky juice, because we died drinking the cup of sky juice instead of the drink that we have paid for. yes, it tastes different.
when I say different, it is the kind of tastes I never thought can be drunk. we kind of forced ourselves to finish it as it is not cheap for that cup of "unique" drink.

bulgogi beef burger

this is the only thing that is only edible among the food that I have ordered. frankly speaking, I enjoyed the fried more than the burger as the meat does not stay when am trying to bite it along with the bun. basically the toothpick given is quite useless.

if am not mistaken, it's called MATTANG

I remembered it is their so called signature dessert, which is why I ordered it at the very first place. besides, I saw people having this on their tables as I pass by heading to the table the waitress brought me to.

how was it? I can only say that am not a dessert person. I definitely do not like this and so do the person who went with me. I personally think this do not worth the price I have paid.

my rate for that day's visit was kinda low, but again, I think I should have given a second chance. maybe the food I have ordered doesn't meet my satisfaction level, but others might will. 
having the kind of mindset, I paid my second visit after quite some time. I spent less than 5 minutes at that cafe on my second visit because of the fucking rude waitress.

we were not welcomed by any waitress nor waiter when we were waiting at the entrance. then I thought maybe it's their peak hour, so we walked into the cafe myself looking for an empty table.
right when we an empty table without any chairs, a waitress came to us saying that we have to sit outside instead as inside is full. I then pointed at the table we found and she gave a "THE BITCH LOOK and rolls her dead fish eyes" and say she will try to get us our chairs.
my OS was, "WTF?!" without hesitation, I told her to forget about it and walked out from there.

since then, I never step my foot in it. overall, the food is bad, the service is terrible and it is definitely overrated.

signing off. XOXO

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