Adelaide (part 4)

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so all of the cousins are free on that day, one of the cousins had decided to drive all the way to suburb where wines are made. 

when I thought I will be seeing the kind of factory where we have seen in the movies, a building full of machines, am seeing this little cottage surrounded with plants, wilted looking plants.

me with the wong cousins.

the reason why I say the plants look wilted. I was told that they have picked up the ripe grapes and they will cut off the long hideous branches after some time. 

some photos before leaving the 1st wine house and went to several wine houses nearby. bought 2 bottles of wines, red and wine. love it as they taste more like sodas than the bitter wine that I have ever tasted.

love how green the place is.

the cousin purposely stopped by at the road side when I was told that this is the kind of Sakura tree that I manage to catch in Adelaide. that's the first time am seeing a Sakura tree. not as nice as what have shown in Japan, but it is still Sakura.

the cousin then brought us to the lavender farm before it closes. luckily we are early enough as it is closing in another hour right after we have arrived.

always have been a big fan of the smell of a lavender, but didn't know it looks like this. it smells like a field of Chinese oil, which it is totally out of what I thought.

everything made of Lavender. lavender scones, bread with lavender jam provided, lavender tea with tea leaves, hot chocolate with lavender flavored marshmallow, and lastly pumpkin soup with a sprinkle of lavender taste.

that's us having high tea in the middle of lavender field. grabbed a staff when she is serving us the food to take a picture for us. 

that's the end of day 5, stay tune for the next post.

till then. XOXO

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