Adelaide (part 5)

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a random shot I managed to capture on the way to some place

there is a Chinese saying "the moon seems fuller in foreign country", which shares the same definition of "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". I don't really know whether the scenery is better at Adeliade, but this scene is simply breathtaking.

trust me, the view is so much better behind the camera.


while waiting for the breakfast

before starting the day, the cousins brought me to some random Chinese restaurant that claims to serve nice porridge. was craving for some Asian food after spending some days at some foreign country. the food was okay but the price was kind of pricey after converting to Malaysia Ringgit.

kangaroos sleeping safe and sound

heard it is a must to visit the kangaroo and the koala bear. told the cousins that I wanted to go to the wildlife park as I can get nearer to the signature animals of Australia.

see how close I can get to them

these kangaroos were making lots of noise for some time. attracted quite an amount of visitors and saw them having "threesome". 

baby kangaroo staying in the mommy's pocket and both of them are having their meal at the same time.

around evening, left the park and went for food hunt. the cousin recommended this Vietnam food and suggested we should give it a try. the food turned out quite familiar to what I had before, but a little surprise on how they serve the dishes.

"you zha guai" with some soup

we usually don't dip these with soup, but serve it either with soy milk or porridge. it tingles my taste bud a bit as this dish looks familiar but yet gave a different taste that I have never thought of. kinda craving for this at this moment but too bad it is way too far away.

some meat noodle I don't remember

duck leg noodle they claim.

the food is quite okay for me as it's an Asian food. for me, Asian food is fucking awesome no matter what.

that's all for today's post, stay tune for the next post.

till then, XOXO

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