Adelaide (part 6)

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on the last day in Adelaide, went to the University of Adelaide, which is located at the city center. wandered around all the accessible places as well.

was told this is the signature statue of the University

I envy the environment they have there. how awesome would it be to study with that kind of environment. so much motivation, getting the feeling by looking at my own picture.

this historical building actually one of the buildings in the University. awesome or what?!

everything is clean there. including the clean green grass.

went to a botanic garden nearby and decided to take at least one picture because there is nothing better to capture as everything looks the same to me. felt super happy when I see this statue, because at least I have something to prove that I have been there. out of pose, therefore posed the same pose as the statue

stopped over at some chocolate dessert cafe on our way back home. in stead of hot chocolate, ordered a chocolate tart and the signature ice cream. yeap, ice-cream during winter, when am freezing out there. 
the signature ice-cream is served in a glass container which people usually keep their fruit jam. there is chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, chocolate brownie and caramel in it.  it tastes unique, but a little way too sweet for me.

on the day before I leave Adelaide

my Korean Bento because they know I won't be eating any rice for staying in Australia after leaving them. yes, I love rice as much as the mouse loves it.

that sums out my stay with them upon my stay in Adelaide. the trip wouldn't be complete without them taking me to those places which I can't even reach without any transportation. I wouldn't be able to stay out all day without them providing me the comfort place to stay at night. not to mention, the cousin even give me her room and squeeze in the same bed with her sister.
didn't know that we can bond that well event though we have been cousins for that long time. this trip made me realize how alike we are, how much we have in common.
thank you for bringing to places that totally opened my eyes. thank you for your warm hospitality. thank you for those free food. thank you for inviting me to your place again.

that's the end of my stay in Adelaide.

signing off. XOXO

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