last message to Ms Hong Lee

my kind of expression when I was told my ballet teacher had passed away yesterday

I didn't manage to check on any of my social media where the news were spread. so when I got home from a little shopping after work, I was told that my ballet teacher is no longer with us anymore.

although we all knew she was admitted with cancer and it's in a severe stage already, but maybe deep inside us we thought she is getting better already. with all the posts that she had posted on her social media.

had been learning ballet since I was the age of 5 and started teaching at the age of 14. besides that, learned the very basic levels of my piano from the same academy I learn ballet. when am in a higher level for ballet, I have to go for practice at least 3 days a week.
technically, most of my times go to Hong Lee academy. from a zero knowledge of ballet to finally able to teach. all from the same teacher.

although I kind of dislike her in the middle of my rebellious phase, but then again, she did took up a large part of my life. I have spent almost a 2 decades at the academy and it did squeeze my heart a little when I heard the news about her.
when am away from the academy, she tried her very best way to keep in touch with me. either by Facebook messaging me or giving me comments on the post that I have posted. because I seldom reply her on Facebook message.
somehow I think it is kind of annoying back then, but then again, all these little things showed how much a teacher cared for a student. how much she tried to keep in touch with the student she had taught for a long long time.

dear teacher, thanks for all the years that we had spent together in the academy. those days we had for almost 2 decades will be deeply carved in my memories. thank you for showing me what ballet is.
it is sad that you have left us and gone to another world. I do not know how the other world looks like, but I do hope that in that world, you will never suffer from any illness and may you rest in peace.

love. your student

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