Melbourne food


it's already night time by the time I touchdown at Melbourne from Adelaide. took a shuttle bus from the airport to the so called central where I will be picked by a primary school friend.

everything is fucking convenient though I have no idea where am heading to without a map or any travel guide book with me. bought a shuttle bus ticket right outside the airport and get myself on board with the heavy as fuck luggage. no joke, luckily some nice guy is nice enough to help me to put at the space provided in the bus.

most of the shops had closed by the time I reach, to justify that, most of the shops in Australia close the shops early. so I was brought back to the friend house and get some rest for the next day.
the friend stays super close to the central, which is only 2 stops away. the friend brought some other friends with her, lucky she brought them. else I have no idea how am I going to carry it up to the tram.


the next day, after freshen up, the friend told me she is going to bring me to a superb awesome place for brunch. walked a bit from her house and walked through some alleys till I see this place.

look how chilling the place is

strawberry french toast

didn't know what to order when I got the menu in my hand. most of the food in the menu look stuffy, therefore goes for something light as my 1st meal of the day. this is the best french toast that I have ever tried, been craving for it for some time but I have no idea where else I can get french toast as yum as this.

kind of forgot where I went for the rest of the day. but am pretty sure I wandered the city myself for a bit for till dinner time.


was told this Korean food is the best of the best in Melbourne, was also told KL has this as well. to be honest, it tastes the same to me.



as the friend stays at the city, all the brunch places are only a few blocks away from her house. I still remember it was drizzling that day, but people are queuing for this place for brunch.

I will never ever do this in Malaysia. so we were assigned to one of the tables which is quite a huge square table with people sitting around it already. yes, we are sharing the table with strangers!!!

people are looking at me while am taking selfies, taking pictures of the food, or even eavesdropping when we were talking. do feel quite uncomfortable at first, then the friend told me nobody even care in here.
besides, she told me am a tourist. tourist gotta do what a tourist should do. therefore, I took numerous of selfies and the food of mine.

some salmon with some bread with some special given name

the bread, I don't see what's special about it. the little green things on the salmon, I have no idea what are those and I don't like it. the portion, it's fucking huge la. we both order one and eat till we have to stuff ourselves at the end. the salmon, as you can see, they are fucking generous with it. the only thing I like about this place.


was craving for risotto after not having rice for quite some days. I can't imagine my days there where rice is super rare and I fucking love rice. the friend brought another friend with her and brought me to this place where she said they are good with risotto. thank god she brought a friend with her, there goes another excuse to order more food.

ceaser salad


schnitzel chicken

kind of forgot how they all tasted. but I think it is okay for me. I do remember the chicken surprised me a bit as it is not dry at all, though it looks like those thick white meat that I don't even want to try.


the friend told me she was fucking full, but still goes for dessert. saying there is always room for dessert. there goes typical woman. walked a few blocks away and there goes the heaven of girls.

it consider late when we reach there as most of the desserts are sold out as it is kind of late for Australians already. but the shop is still crowded with girls, picking their favorite dessert.

some dark chocolate cake

tried quite a number of chocolate cake, but I have not tried a dark chocolate before. for someone who does not like cake, I super in love with this. firstly, I love dark chocolate. second, it's not super sweet, it's rich with the taste of dark chocolate.
sky juice is provided at the corner where people can refill their empty cups without any charges. looking at this photo made me feel like having cake now but am afraid the other cake might disappoint me at the same time.

gosh, need some chocolate now. till the next post.

signing off. XOXO

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