E cashier

when I first saw this in Melbourne, I was like some creature just got out from the jungle. the friend brought me to a hypermarket and went to a counter where there is no cashier, everything is self service.

then I thought this is not going to happen in Malaysia, till there is rumors saying that there will be E cashiers in the IOI city mall Tesco. till now, the rumor stays as a rumor as I have not seeing it happen in anyplace in Malaysia.
somehow I do not think this will work in Malaysia as we Malaysians know how this will end at the end of the day. Tesco will probably bankrupt as most of the people are not paying most of the things they have took. so much discipline the Australians have, so much shame Malaysians gain.

people are actually queuing to scan for all the things that they have taken, then insert the money according to the amount shown on the screen. asked the friend will anyone actually purposely miss out one or 2 items in order to pay lesser, then she said it rarely happen.

maybe this is how they were educated, how the lifestyle they have been committed since forever. definitely an eye opening seeing things that my own country might not be having in the future years. hope it will happen when am still alive.

a quote pops in my mind out of nowhere, "how we educate the youngsters is how the future of the country will be shaped".

signing off. XOXO

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