there is this intriguing fact about society, or should I say human's interaction. this is why we are told not to judge the book by its cover, because we will never know the content of the book until we have read the last page of it.

somehow the world is trying to prove us wrong when we thought what we thought it is right. so this is what happened to me, am pretty sure it happens to most of the people on earth as well.
for an example, when you get to know someone, you thought he is the kind of person you will click, but turn out that she is the type of person you hate most after some time. but once I hate you, it's pretty hard for me to turn that feeling down.

when I thought A is a bitch when we first met, probably only when she talks to me (people can tell the obvious difference when she talks to me and the others), turns out she is the nicest person. maybe she finds me a good person after knowing me better.
when I thought B can fit in well with us, turns out I can't stop myself from rolling my eyes whenever she is trying to impress us with some lies that can be easily detected. I don't mind if you are trying to impress us with how capable person you are, but at least don't let me know you are telling a lie. 
I kind of tolerate with that at first as I think you are not that bad as a person, other than you like to boast in every aspect you can. but there is a limit. I can't stop myself from replying you sarcastically as the lies you tell are nothing but rubbish.

this is basically me every fucking time B boast about something that do not even happen. afraid that my eyes will drop off one day if am rolling like that every fucking day. 

my advice for people that boast a lot? stop doing it, you are fucking annoying. stop making more people hate you.

signing off. XOXO

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