fish eye lens

it's been a while since fish eye lens gone viral, there is a time when most of the people own at least a kind of additional lens for the phone.

so I bought mine back then when there is a bazaar at Limkokwing University, back when am still studying. don't know how much the market price is, but I bought it with RM40 for 3 kinds of lens (micro lens, landscape lens and fish eye lens).

my favorite, fish eye lens. somehow it manages to make all the pictures look artistic, but feels like I didn't fully utilize it till the trip of mine at Australia.
unlike mono-pod (aka selfie stick), it's less embarrassing and much more convenient because the lens is only as big as my thumb. it's an essential to have it when am traveling alone and am super "paiseh" to ask some random stranger to take a picture for me. there goes some of my photos I have taken with a fish eye lens in Melbourne.

chess in kids size outside the state library (if am not mistaken which library it is)

full view of the train station

another side of the train station

me with the train station

me with the famous houses in Brighton Beach

a horse carriage with some magnificent building as background

a huge green field in front of the state library

I think it's a church

me with the church

me in the art gallery

without the fish eye lens, I wouldn't be able to take a picture with the building or the breathtaking view. besides, the whole view wouldn't fit into the limited picture frame.

thanks to someone who lent me the fish eye lens when we met at Adelaide, else there wouldn't be that much pictures of me with all the memories I had in Australia.

signing off. XOXO

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