Nana's Green Tea

just some random shopping day in One U and it's kinda exhausting after walking in the mall without buying anything. so instead of a shopping day, I should call it a window shopping day. so we decided to stop by at a place where we can have a little something that can fill the stomach for a bit but not too full.

while waiting for the food, selfie is a must

matcha warabi mochi

so I was told by the best friend this is quite good, so decided to give it a try. didn't like it much, luckily someone is okay with it, so someone can have all of it after me trying only 1 piece of it.

green tea taste is quite heavy and it's not because of the taste that I refuse to finish it, but the whole thing is quite bitter for me. thought it's gonna be something sweet with some taste of green tea, which is why I don't feel like finishing it.

whipped cream and brown sugar syrup on matcha frappe 

it's ordered by someone initially, it turned out awesome! and am the one who finished it because I love it to the max. kind of regret for ordering it as there is free flow of sky juice, but still, the drink is good!

actually tried their signature parfait, matcha and rice flour dumplings parfait. didn't have the intention to try it at the first place, but then the best friend it's kind of famous at that moment, so I gave it a try. and that was my first visit at nana's green tea, which was almost half a year till my second visit. really, dessert isn't my thing.

till my next try, XOXO

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