tous les jour

so this place gone viral when it started business. don't really get the point of going as the selling point of this place is bread. not just ordinary breads, expensive breads.

but then, decided to give this place a try on a random day when am wandering around in KL.

hot chocolate, tasted more like hot milo to me.

grilled mushroom tartine.

although this is a bit pricey for mushrooms on the toast, but this is good (if am not mistaken). 

onion steak sandwich

this is okay for me as am not a big fan of onion. but the onion taste wasn't that heavy and the sandwich is super juicy. besides, it's quite filling for someone who doesn't eat much.

overall, the food is okay for me. maybe I shouldn't have ordered hot chocolate instead. definitely going back there to try out more food. 

till then, XOXO

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