It's been a while since I have made up a few account in order to sell my pre-loved clothes. Personally think I have publicized the account enough as I have published a blog post on the blog and shout out of the newly set account in Instagram on my personal Instagram account. As the intention of selling pre-loved clothes is to clear up some of the clothes in the closet, therefore am not investing much on it as a business.

Although my intention of selling my pre-loved clothes is to clear my the room of my closet, but I might still wear those clothes that I have put up on Instagram. Therefore I do not have the urge in mind saying I have to sell those clothes right away.
I do see people selling their pre-loved clothes in quite a low price, but I do think mine is low enough as all of the clothes are priced below RM30 depend on the type of clothes. I do understand that I might be able to sell them better if the prices are lower, but I can still wear it even if those cannot be sold.

Then I realized that it is not easy to keep a platform that involves money. It took a huge effort in order to maintain an account where I need to sell my stuff to the random stranger out there. I have posted 8 photos and 3 have sold, all thanks to someone for hard selling my clothes to people she knows.

That's when I realize what am doing now is kind of pointless as the stuffs I have posted on various platforms do not bring any effect to what am trying to do at the moment. It's really hard to gain follower from Instagram when am mostly inactive, but at the same time I do not have that much spare time as I have started working now.
Have been complaining on how tiring maintaining the account as there is not much drastic result from all of the hard works. Also, I do understand that even new clothes are hard to sell through online, not to mention pre-loved clothes.

Someone had been saying I should stop this so called "business" as it is not showing any improvement from all the effort done. So am questioning myself, should I stop  this? Or I should give it another shot till I have the same thought next time?

signing off. XOXO

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