melaka trip

another throwback post, an old post. September last year, went to Melaka for a short getaway with someone.

it is kind of a last minute plan because I left my keys back in Kuantan and I don't have my key for the room in Limkokwing. so we went all the way to Melaka all the way from KL after realizing I don't have my keys with me.

luckily there is still a hotel available with that short time, and also that operates till that late.

basically not doing anything on the first night in Melaka and straight away jump to the 2nd day. we were super tired and sleepy for driving all the way from Kuantan, then to KL, Cyberjaya, and lastly to Melaka.

top : marvel
skirt : sungei wang
sandals: birkenstock
bag: zara
watch: bonia

first thing first to eat in Melaka, chicken rice ball! kind of missed the famous one previously when am there, not going to miss it again.

chicken rice ball

they do look like fish balls. had 5 balls each of us and someone said it will not be enough for us. turned out someone was wrong, we were full as fuck.

the chicken

the only kind of chicken they have, "白斩鸡“. direct translate, white chopped chicken. I can't say it's super yummy, but it indeed is the taste that I had when I was younger.

reminiscing the taste made me crave for it, especially the rice.

in front of kedai kopi chung wah

look at the queue after we had finished our meal, somehow the queue got longer after we had finished our meal. 

we had queued for more than 15 minutes before we got our table, under the hot sun. luckily we brought any umbrella with us, smart me indeed.

the entrance of jonker street

that's when we start our day with jonker street. love to wander around places like this. 

after wandered around the whole street, by here I mean entering almost every shops in every row, we were tired and thirsty, therefore we went to one of the most recommended cafe found from the internet.

Malaysia 13 State's Coffees

it claimed to have the uniqueness taste of coffee from every states. too bad, I don't drink coffee and I don't really know how to differentiate them, but indeed, somehow they manage to list out the difference of coffees from different states, just that don't know whether it's true or not la.

ice blended mocha

I don't really drink coffee, the max I can go with coffee is either neslo (nescafe with milo) or mocha. as the weather is super hot out there, therefore ordered a cup of ice blended mocha, at least it's coffee. 

some hot coffee from some state

it's been too long, don't even remember what we had ordered. someone loves coffee, so someone decided to give it a try. at least we did try out the specialty of the cafe.

lastly, just me trying to look nice for the camera. how can I not take selfies when we have nothing else better to do other than talking and drinking coffee?

till the next post. XOXO

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