red bean bag

been to this place numerous times and finally got the chance to post about this. so my first try at this place was about a year ago.

the menu

the one and only piece of the menu, with only 2 pages, front and back. the only bad thing about it is it doesn't come with any picture for reference.

free sky juice

just love how most of the places nowadays provide free sky juice, after all the main concern of a restaurant is always the food.

I know I do have a bitch rest face, that's just my face whenever am doing something without any expression. maybe I should blame the gravity for pulling my face down, making the bitch rest face look uglier.

the front and back page of the menu is the light and dark side of food. light side indicates the light food and the dark indicates another. so we have decided to order one from each of the side in order to try the food there.

the light side, classic french toast

never thought I will be having such a fine french toast after my trip at Melbourne. can't really compare them as I didn't try both of them at the same time, but this french toast is something. the side given together matches really well and not to mention, the maple syrup blend well with the butter given.

the dark side, My Crustacean Cousin

I think the name of this dish sounds very "atas" la, it's actually some kind of seafood spaghetti. this is super nice la, not to mention, the seafood in it is super fresh. it definitely level up the spaghetti from the ordinary ones.

decoration of the place back then

this time a year ago, it was almost Halloween, therefore they decorate the whole place in order to goes with the coming festival.

how is the ambiance there? 
other than the table is close to each other, I love the ambiance there. but it's a bit too dark to take pictures at night.

how's the price?

how's the staff?

how's the food?
better than what I had expected, especially the french toast.

will I ever go back there?

till the next time. XOXO

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