sizzling stonegrill

so I did ask a friend about the must eat places in Melaka although I have been there for several times, and somehow she gave me a bunch of list. did try most of the recommended places and this is the last stop of it.

so the eating place is at one of the malls in Melaka, something to do with Aeon shopping mall, can't really recall it now.

didn't order any drinks as sky juice is free of charge

ordered a bowl of tom yam soup.

the tom yam soup is a bit too spicy for me. luckily we have unlimited refill of sky juice. I have no idea how many times I have refilled the jug given.

some beef skewer if am not mistaken

I do not like the beef! it is super hard to chew. it took me forever to chew the beef and mostly I just swallow it with sky juice. just feeling super lucky am not the one who ordered it.


nothing can ever go wrong with salmon. so mine is definitely better than the beef ones. besides, what can go wrong with fragrant rice?

after it's cooked and cut by the staff there

everything is placed raw on the table when we order it. then the staff do their thing and prepare everything in front of us. O like the concept of it, just the outcome of the food is not really my kind of taste.

how is my experience there?
 indeed it is something different

how is the ambiance there? 
okay for me, but if I knew it will be that much smoke and stuff, I wouldn't wash my hair that morning.

how's the price?

how's the staff?
good. they didn't make any face although we requested for refill for zillion times.

how's the food?
not what I had expected?

will I ever go back there?

till the next post. XOXO

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