sky park

so about a year ago, one city is newly launched and it had gone viral because of the transparent glass on the roof top. there is this one random day, I have decided to pay a visit to have a look on what's fun there.

if am not mistaken, the rooftop is about 10 level high, and the lift moves super fast. 
the lift is transparent where you are able to look through all the tiny people from where you stand. it is super scary where I shut my eyes throughout the whole going up and down journey. remember the space shot Genting Highlands used to have? it's almost similar with it.

the first thing I see after going out from the lift

indeed everything looks good from up there (I mean a year ago, haven't been there since that day). the scenery does worth the journey but at the same time, there is nothing much to do there.

it is a perfect place for photo shoot I guess

this time last year, HAZE

so I visit this place approximately a year ago and look at the haze. it's the same feel I have when am standing on top of Genting Highlands, but different smell I get down here. I think the view might be better with a clearer view.

I don't know about the mall now, but back then, there is nothing much to do, nothing to shop at all.
but I can't just leave the place without doing anything other than taking pictures, so we have decided to fill out tummy there as we had not taken any food since morning. picked a restaurant that we had not been to, and the restaurant name is THE SHEPHERDOO.

ordered sky juice instead as most of the recommended drinks are alcoholic

it is a mixture of restaurant and lounge, which explains why most of the recommended drinks are alcohol drinks.

every table is given a table lamp

the appetizer

don't really remember the name of the appetizer, tried to look for it from google, but still can't find the name of it.

the appetizer varies from nachos to tacos, the mix and match of Latin American appetizer. the appetizer is recommended by the restaurant itself, and the platter is huge enough.
feeling super full already after finishing the platter, not to mention, the platter is shared by 2 people. 

some steak which I don't know which steak I have ordered

the asparagus on it is definitely not the kind of vegetable that I want to put into my mouth. didn't manage to finish it as the appetizer had full our tummy, therefore we kind of take away the whole thing. and it still tastes good consuming after that.

initially ordered an appetizer platter and a main course thinking it might be just enough for 2, who knew an appetizer platter is more than enough.
if I knew the portion is that huge, would have ordered only a main course as the main course can already fill the tummy of 2.

signing off. XOXO

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