alexis @ bangsar

back when the time pavlova cake gone viral, and not much places selling it. kind of searched from the internet on where can I find the best pavlova cake, and it showed Alexis Bistro.

placement of cutlery

spaghetti carbonara

was quite hungry at the moment and took me a while to pick what to have, still choosing spaghetti carbonara at the end. after all, it is my favorite spaghetti. 


the highlight of the meal, went all the way just for this. I was quite disappoint with it at first, because people were saying how yum this is and it's just so so for me.

probably am not a cake person, but it indeed is something special. the texture of the cake is different from the other cake that I have tried. kind of craving for it already as it had been a while since the last time I have a cake, moreover a nice pavlova cake doesn't serve in most places.
if I ever see places that serve pavlova cake, I will definitely try it out. for me, it's not a cake. it is the combination of cream, super sweet icing with strawberries that combined well.

signing off. XOXO

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