boat noodle

I still remember how crazy the rave about the boat noodle when it first opened in KL, I mean the very first branch. 

before other branches are launched in KL, people are actually willing to queue for the food. am not really a queue person, I don't queue for at least an hour just for food, so finally get a try on this famous place when the rave had come down a bit.

my first time was at Publika. back before I tried it out, I had passed by the place quite frequent and always seeing the place filed with people and queuing with crazy long queue. didn't bother to find out the place as am uninterested with people with super long queue.but when it's my time to try it out, turn out there is no queue and I don't even have to wait for my table.

the place indeed is well painted with matching furniture.

wall painting

the signature sign

basically the wall of the whole place is painted. somehow it brings out the feeling as if we are actually having the food from Thailand (if am not mistaken).

look how cute the table is. vintage yet cute.


the only side of the menu, at least there is photos for every of the must order dishes, with color some more.  everything is in super mini portion, therefore we ordered everything on the menu, by doubling everything inside.

chicken wing. quite so so to me.

Ka Num Tuay. 

this is awesomely good. I surely order this every time when am craving for boat noodle. it's quite sweet on the upper part and salty on the lower part.

the boat noodle

it comes with 2 types of meat with 2 different flavors, total up 4 different dishes. I myself can finish up 4 bowls because every bowl consist about 2 spoonful only.

last but not least, coconut!!!

how is the ambiance there? 
look at the effort they had made for the restaurant's decoration, kinda felt the ambiance in Thailand already

how's the price?
it might feels quite cheap by seeing the price of each dish, but it sums up quite a big number. for a portion with that amount, it's a bit pricey

how's the staff?
don't really remember it already, I guess good?

how's the food?
I can't say it's yummy, but it is something special

will I ever go back there?
whenever am craving for it, after all there is so much branches in KL nowadays.

signing off. XOXO

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