I have been staying in Cyberjaya all the while when I live in KL, technically, Selangor. so I have been staying in Cyberjaya for more than 3 years as am staying at the hostel of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT).

after I have graduated from LUCT and of course finished my internship, there is no more excuse for me to stay there as most of the job opportunities is way away from there. am more than happy staying in Cyberjaya despite how others say how far it is from the city center, this is because the place is traffic jam-less and somehow I feel safe as the population there is lower.

not until I have to move out from Cyberjaya and move to SS2, Petaling Jaya. moving out from Cyberjaya and find some other place to stay isn't really my first choice. tried to look for a job back in hometown where I don't have to pay for any rental, but the people back there didn't give me any response which caused my mother to worry of me getting a job. which is why am ending up living in KL and work in KL now.

am not the one who found the place we initially stayed at, someone did. told someone to look for a middle room instead a small room so that it fits 2 people if am visiting, still didn't plan to move over. upon my visit, I had some interviews which I started to decorate and move the furniture in the little square we have so that it fits 2 people comfortably for long term. after moving all of the things for at least 4 times through out the 7 months, we finally manage to fit 1 banquet table, 2 wardrobes, 4 racks in the square we have.

we thought we are going to stay there a bit longer as the last time we rearranged our stuffs is less than a month before we move. who knew it didn't last as long as expected as I have had enough with the summons given by MBPJ. 

I know most of the people do not pay for the summons given by all these kind of MBPJ, DBKL, so on and so forth, because I was advised not to bother about them, but somehow the father insist me paying everyone of it. so I have paid for every summons I have got since I have stayed there, I have paid for almost 10 times within my stay.

then the major tenant told me I can actually park at her place during day time on weekdays but I can't park them on weekends as her daughter is coming over and it's not safe for her daughter to get on the car which is parked at the park next to the condo. did I mention that the place I got all the summons are all from the residence park right next to the condo? yes! it is a fucking residential area and they say they have gotten a report from some anonymous. well anonymous, fuck you!!!

the major tenant is giving out her parking space all because I told her for quite a number of times that I need to move out because of the amount of summons I have paid for. every summon charged for RM100 and RM30 with discount if am paying them in less than a week. tired of going to MBPJ and queue to pay for thing I shouldn't spend for. the major tenant told me I can park her place even at night of the weekdays but I told her I don't need it as I only need it during day time if am working late, which is when the officers come out to give out the summons car by car.

then on one random weekday, the major tenant decided not to go to work but I didn't know whether is she moving the car away or not as she let me park her place when she's not around. kind of yelled as loud as I can to someone just to notify the major tenant know am moving her car.

who knew her fucking car is still there and I have to park at the visitor parking else am gonna get another summon. and what's with parking visitor parking? somehow the guard kind of recognized me after staying a while and tell me visitor parking is not for residence. I know that, but am only parking for a few hours because my working hour is starting soon, then they'll give those shitty faces.

on that day, I tell myself, I have had enough. the major tenant told me I can park her place on weekdays, but am kind enough to let her park the place and only parking her place when she's away to work. but in other way round, she didn't really think of me, instead, she acts dumb. I know it is not all her fault, but after I have told you the main reason of leaving, shouldn't you be a bit more alert, some more I have given enough hints.

of course this is the main reason am leaving the place I have stayed for more than half of the year. there is also some little annoying things that happen in the unit I have stayed which make me want to move for sure, such as:

  1. her daughters only come over on public holidays and weekends. and they are super loud. I hate kids a lot, especially kids that make annoying noises. in her case, her little daughter cry most of the time, and she doesn't care what time it is, it can be 6 in the morning, or 3 in the midnight. 
  2. the major tenant kind of use our stuffs before asking for any permission. she did tell us we can use any of the utensils in the kitchen, but we didn't tell her to use ours and break our bowls. yes, more than 1 bowl is broke by i don't know who.
  3. other than that, she even took what we have in the fridge as we share the same fridge. she doesn't even bother to ask before taking them, only saying it after she had cook them and or didn't even bother to let us know.
  4. her boyfriend has a fish tank, instead of throwing all the dirty water in their own toilet which is in their master room, they threw it in the toilet that we share with the other room. let it be before or after we had cleaned the toilet, they didn't bother to clean it for us.
  5. somehow the daughter loves to use our toilet more than the ones in the master room. but the daughter tends to leave her shit in the toilet bowl unflushed for several times and it is super disgusting la!!!
now I sound like those terrible housemate they have ever wanted. all I wanted for a place to stay is to be quite, organized, and most important, kids-free. luckily her children only sleeping over on weekends, else it might shorten the length of mine staying there.

they say the ending is always a new beginning. when I thought everything is getting better after I have told the major tenant that we are leaving, it is also the beginning of another endless headaches, which is what am facing now.

till the next post. XOXO

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