Kin Kin Pan Mee

so this is another food post, food from places without air-conditioner, but super famous. didn't know about this place at all if I wasn't working at Nuffnang a year ago. 

so the colleague brought me there on my first day of work, didn't know the place is super famous till someone told me how people willing to travel all the way to KL center just for the pan mee.

there is a lot of chili pan mee out there, but this is still the best that I have ever tried, though I don't really take spicy food. usually put a little sprinkle of it, because what's chili pan mee if I don't put the chili flakes that is famous for?

so on my first visit, without knowing it's huge popularity, the place is crowded, because it's lunch hour. the place is crazily crowded during lunch time. but if you are early, you don't have to fight for your seat with some other hungry human. when I say super early, I mean 8 in the morning, before people go for work, that's how early I reach at work when am staying in Cyberjaya but works in KL. 

the well known chili flakes

fish balls, meatballs and fuzhok

the signature pan mee

before I have ever tried any of the pan mee in KL, I didn't know that the pan mee they called here is not the same with what I had back in Kuantan. when we say pan mee in Kuantan, we usually refer to the type where the flour get torn and cook, and only the thick noodles need to be mentioned. but in KL, even when I request for the tore type of pan mee, there rarely have it.

for me, I call this chili dried noodles. for others, this called chili pan mee. when I refer to others, I call this Kin Kin chili pan mee.

how's the price?
quite pricey for a place like this, but it worth the price!

how's the food?
this is the best chili pan mee I have ever had

will I ever go back there?
sure, if I ever travel all the way to Sultan Ismail for no reason

signing off. XOXO

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