outdated strongbow apple cider launch (part 1)

found this pile of pictures in the Dropbox and thinking should I blog about this or not since the launch event is a year ago. then I was thinking, why not?! this is my blog and I decide whenever I want the post to be out.

and there goes the reason why am not a paid blogger. if am one, the ad ops will be super mad at me for not meeting the deadline.
so am still blogging about this, because I took the effort to take all these pictures. although it's kind of blurry and I don't really touch up on it, but still, the effort was there when I wan trying to take all these pictures by squeezing in the crowd and standing on tip toe because of my heights.

got there pretty early as I need to make sure the talents of the company is there on time, and get all the information needed before the even starts. yea, that's basically what I do as an intern at netccentric. 
it's pretty hard to find a spot to park my car though am considered early that day. it's located pretty inside of nowhere that took me a while in order to realize I have finally reached my destination when my GPS told me. did I mention no parking is provided if you are not the VIP?  luckily there is some RELA in order to make sure the road is not congested with people simply parking their cars.

with the favorite people in Netccentric

only for guest

am not the guest of the day, so I didn't get to sign my name on whatever sign book they have. but it's okay, I still get to enjoy like what the guests did.

the sky starts to drizzle a bit even before the event starts. it had been a year but I still remember it, because it almost ruin my makeup, my hair!

free flow of strongbow

they say, you shouldn't drink when you are working. in this case, there is no excuse for not drinking it when the event is providing free flow of beer with a bartender serving unlimited beer.

if you are too shy to take it at the bar again and again, there is actually showgirls having all the beer on their trays and pass it to you when your glass is empty. trust me, I have had more than a glass of beer at there because they have been giving me glass after glass when they see me with empty hands.

when the clock strikes the time when the even is about the start, which I don't remember what time is it, everyone is invited to get in. the place is a bit too small to get everyone in it, it's quite like a sardine pack when everyone tried to squeeze in.

video of the product before everything

then there is some speech about it but I kind of forgot what they say about it, I think I kind of went outside when the speech is going on. went outside to catch some breath till we are free to move around on all the decorations they had decorated for the event.

the band of the night

when the band is up on the stage, we are free to move around the whole place. major in love with this place, love how they design the place, it's super cozy!

the star of the night

it comes with 3 different flavors of the apple cider for that night, gold apple, elder flower and honey.

station serving one of the flavors

different station serves different flavors of of apple cider. my favorite flavor? honey! it's the least bitter apple cider I have ever had.

till the next part. XOXO

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