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Ever since I have started working, I rarely have the desire on shopping for clothes. One of the reasons is that I need to be in formal wear on most of the days, and I don't see a point of dressing up for work.

Lucky enough that the working attire at my workplace is not as strict as I have heard from out there, or maybe every places are almost the same. But I do know Nuffnang is quite okay with the work attire, where most of the colleagues do dress up a bit for work.
As for me, I only dress up occasionally, when I need to go out for event. And only putting on makeup when there is event.

That's when am working at Nuffnang, with where I work now, I can't find a reason to dress up, not to mention putting on makeup.

I was told that the dress code of the office is as follow:
Monday - Thursday : formal
Friday : smart casual (tee, jeans, shoes but not slipper)
Weekend  : casual

Yeap, I do need work on weekend. As mentioned, it's a work which based on a rotation shift where I still get to have 2 days off per week.

But as for my own interpretation, my kind of dress code for work is as follow:
Monday - Thursday : smart casual (polo tee & with long pants or dress with a blazer & flats)
Friday : casual (tee, jeans & Birkenstock)
Weekend : super casual (tee, shorts with flip flop)

I do know that people categorize Birkenstock as slipper, but not for me. Whenever they ask me why am I wearing slipper on Friday, I will explain to them it's not slipper but Birkenstock.

This is how most of the office lady dress for work

This is how people think how I dress for work.

This is actually how I dress for work. 

On some days, I will wear a dress with a blazer to formalize my outfit. This is the kind of dress they say look like a pajamas. And am having my hair all tied up most of the times as am lazy to straighten it most of the times.
It's actually a Zara dress, and costs an amount, therefore am unwillingly to give it away. But they think it's totally alright if am having my blazer on it.

Am just impress people that manage to doll up themselves everyday for work. Not to mention having full makeup and matching outfit.

signing off. XOXO

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