people I work with in Nuffnang (part 2)

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en wei, the ad ops

coincidentally, we both stay in Cyberjaya and work in Netccentric back then. never thought there will be someone else that stays as far as I am. she kind of showed me the best way to go to work and sometimes we go to work together, coincidentally. 

what's more shocking than that? she is from Kuantan as well! probably we are not from the same school, therefore we don't know the existence of each other till we got into the same company.

michelle, the number 2 intern, because am number  =P

as our job scopes are similar, therefore we click in no time. we do most of the things together most of the time. besides, we both have a very special someone, which made our topics never end.

Darren, the guy with deep voice

didn't interact much with him as he sits at the other end. besides, he doesn't has much tasks for me to complete. to be honest, I kind of forgot his name and searched it through Facebook.

joeyee, one of the blog partner of http://happyee-everafter.blogspot.my/

pui yee, the other blog partner of http://happyee-everafter.blogspot.my/

both of them are quite inseparable back when am still working in Netccentric, and the idea of having a blog pop up one day. the concept is both of them own a blog and update the blog whenever whoever is free to do so. I think it's quite a good way to make the blog stay alive though.

Kenneth, the video guy

there is a team in Netccentric where interesting videos are made, which is also the field that I have been studying for 3 years. they did offer me an interview but I kind of turn down that opportunity due to some personal reason.

andrew, the gym guy

knew that he hits the gym frequently back when am still working there, and still seeing him hitting the gym quite often cause am following him in Instagram. so much determination yo.

maria, the girl who sits beside me

believe it or not, she is the first one who talks the most with me and averagely. firstly, because we sit next to each other. second, because she is super talkative. third, because we finished most of our works super fast.

laura, the girl with great body

she says she doesn't go to the gym, but looking at the body makes me doubt the time I had spent at the gym. undeniable, she is the kind of girl with pretty face and gorgeous body, yet she does not have the kind of shitty attitude.

didn't get to take a picture with everyone because some of them are out of them. only get to take a picture with those who are in the office on the last day of mine.
and also the next day after my last day. went all the way back because I took train on my last day and it is impossible for me to  take all my stuffs back by myself, when am taking train.

conclusion? it was fun working with these people. netccentric does give youngsters a good working environment.

signing off. XOXO

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