people I work with in Nuffnang (part 1)

right after I have graduated, I never thought that I will be working in a company that I wanted to join that badly. 

knew about Nuffnang since I was younger, since I started to blog, almost about 10 years ago. was trying my luck as an intern as I have never worked in a proper company.

am lucky enough to be taken as an intern out of I have no idea how many candidates there is out there. I struggle a bit on the day I leave though they kind of ask me am I interested with some of the available posts they have in the office. 
I love the work environment, the colleagues, and the job scope. but there is some other concern that made me had a second thought. so I kind of rejected it, and am kind of missing those days with netccentric after a year leaving the company.

so back to the topic, here is the list of people I have worked with for 3 months or lesser.

 didn't manage to take a picture with everyone in the office, but still, this is my blog, I get to write what I want to read in the future.

michelle. the top sale 

just realize we have a mole at almost the same spot. just met her few days back at Jaya Shopping Center when am there for movie. almost can't recognize her as I have never met her since the day I left.

xing yi, the "淑女"

she talks like a girl, walks like a girl. she is super gentle in everything and made me question myself, am I girl?!

vivan, my gossip partner

she joined after a while I hae joined. somehow we click in no time and we talk about every fucking thing. she is the girl I look for every morning when I arrive at work. somehow we don't really talk anymore, maybe because we don't really meet anymore. it's quite sad, but those moments with you, they are well spent.

adele, the famous and the one with strong personalty

samantha, the swim trainer. 

got to know that she did part time as a swim trainer as well. she was the intern before me and work as a full time after. she is the one who has to guide me step by step on what to do when I first join. I wouldn't survive in netccentric without her guidance.

jack, the nice guy

he is the kind of guy that girls are comfortable with, because he is nice that way. 

ophelia, the chili padi

she might look tiny, but she is super fierce when she got mad. the name "chili padi" suits her well. 

li vian, I think I did spell her name correctly

rebecca, the girl who join netccentric the same day as me

she is super nice to everyone. she never really say no to any request that she thinks is reasonable. this is why everyone likes her in the company.

michelle, the assistant manager who sit right beside me.

she is also the one who takes good care of me when am there. I know how tough she is to everyone at work, but I think she is quite nice to me and she always gives me all the advice needed whenever I ask for her help.

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