Sekinchan (part 1)

so last year, the best friend and the best photographer I have known, Mae popped up a sudden plan about going to Sekinchan.

there is total four of us that go for that sudden trip, Me, Joanne, Mae and her boyfriend. it's a perfect number as Mae has a friend who stays there and it makes him the tour guide. what's more? 5 of us fits perfectly in a car.

had no knowledge about it at all before I got there, but I was told it is popular with the paddy field. too bad by the time we visit, all of the beautiful paddy field is harvested.
so according to what I have heard, Sekinchan is a small town located in Selangor, it is one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia.

the company we visited for all the beautiful scenes

we were told that we must buy some entrance ticket in order to have a look on the process of making all the yummy rice. totally forgotten how much it costs but I remember it is super cheap. we don't only get to look at the full process, we were given coupons to claim some mini pack of rice, which I think the entrance ticket is super cheap.

some briefing about what they do here

we can't enter whenever we want, we have to wait till it's the time to enter and follow the flow to where we were brought to. before we get to see the whole process, we were briefed with some video clips.

part of the process

didn't manage to get to snap the picture for the whole process thing. too many people squeezed at the front of the window where we get to snap all these pictures. never mind, Google has everything.

some decorations along the way

the scarecrow

it indeed is kind of different with the ones I have imagined about. remembered I have seen some from the text books when I was younger and they don't look like this.

totally have no idea what this is and what it is for. but since it is parked at the entrance of the company and it looks like it is something, so there goes for photos.
OOTD (top: shop360degree, short: Padini, sandals: Birkenstock, bag: Santa Barbara)

with the best friend

so when am busy taking pictures of this beautiful place before the sky starts to pour, I kind of saw this scene when am taking a full 360 degree shot. basically that car kind of got into a huge hole and unable to move his car. was thinking, the driver must have busy looking at the scenes and kind of off focus from the road, which is why the car got into the hole.

at first I was quite worry that this trip might be a boring ones (after all it is a super small village), end up it is out of expectation. the place is incredibly beautiful and there is more to explore which I can't finish in a post.

till the next part, XOXO

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