Sekinchan (part 2)

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after taking tonnes of pictures of the paddy field, we went to some other place with better view of it.

went to this temple which is located nearby the paddy field. this place might look normal to most of the people, but Mae and her bf managed to take a great shot here.

went all the way up to the top of the temple and this is the kind of view we get. it is quite scary to get to the top as the stairs are super inclined. but look at the view, it definitely worth the journey. i believe the view will be so much better if the paddy is still not harvested.

as the sky started to drizzle, we left the place and went to the next part. lucky enough to have a planner who had planned all of the plans of the day. all we have to do is get in and out of the car.

we were then brought to a place where the whole place is full with the smell of Chinese traditional herbs. then we were told to give this thing a try where we get to clear the hidden worms in our body.

the whole thing is in someone's house, feels like we are intruding some stranger's house when we were walking in. basically there is 2 rows of cones well prepared in case there is more people, luckily there is only us when we got that, feels much more comfortable without others staring at us acting like some "sua gu"

putting the medicine on the charcoal before covering the cone on top of it.

it looks super scary before trying it as I have never tried anything before. we were told to tuck our ears on the cone which the medicine is put in the cone and using the steam to force the worms to drop out from our ear. I was super terrify that there will be a huge ass worm crawling out from my ear instead of dropping out from my ear.

luckily there is no such thing happen. all of the worms that drop out are super tiny and am still able to hear it burns when it dropped on the hot charcoal. thought mine will be the most because my face condition was the worst back then, who knew Mae had the most because she has serious sinus

the must go place in Sekinchan, also the place where the Hong Kong drama took place. right next to a temple, there is this huge wishing tree where people attach the red ribbon with a penny and throw as high as possible so that it hangs at the tree. people believe the higher the ribbon is placed at the tree, the higher the possibility the wishes we wished for come true.

right next to the temple, there is this place. Sekinchan is actually known as a fishing village. 

we called it a day after filling our tummy and get some rest at the hotel as we had quite a fulfill day.

we were brought to another temple before we head back to KL. so there is total of 3 temples that we had been in Sekinchan. don't remember the names of the temple, but we definitely will not know all these places if we do not have a local with us.

overall, it was fun having a short getaway with these people. looking forward for the next trip.

signing off. XOXO

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