Brighton Beach

I guess people who happened to travel to Melbourne must have known the well known Brighton beach with all these cute little house. it got to the extend where I can see people bring the similar concept back to Malaysia.

so it was a random day when my personal tour guide decided to bring me to this popular place which I do not know it's existence despite it's popularity. luckily it was a fine day for a beach day. don't really remember how we got there as we took tram, train and travel a bit by car when the personal tour guide's housemate pass by us when we were walking there.

from left, sock teng (shi yun's housemate), chandra (housemate's boyfie), boufie's cousin (I don't remember his name), yours truly, shi yun, dickson (shi yun's friens)

attempting to make the perfect jump for the perfect shot, and finally I did it after a numerous of attempts. all thanks to my personal tour guide and also photographer (both the same person) for snapping my shameless photos nonstop.

looking awkwardly for this photo cause everyone is looking at me while am posing for the camera. people get shy with so many eyes staring, okay?

it is pretty hard to pick which house to take picture with as every house looks super cute. did I mention those houses are meant to keep things like boat that people use to the sea and some other things people need to get to the sea. I was told these houses can be rent, so you can pick your favorite and claim it yours as long as you are paying for the rent. correct me if am wrong.

my primary school best friend, my personal tour guide and  my personal photographer, thank you for the days when am in Melbourne.


3 of us that stayed in the same place for a week. also, thanks to the housemate who let me stayed and be an extra in the house. sorry for all the trouble if I had accidentally caused any.

signing off. XOXO

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