as mentioned, I wander around Melbourne all by myself most of the time. but there is a day or two when my tour guide is free to bring me around, that's when all these pictures pop up.

proudly present, my best friend during primary school, as known as my tour guide when am in Melbourne, Shi Yun.

all she did was go and walk ahead, I will take a picture of you. and when she says a picture, I believe it's a zillion of them. because I have more than a palm number of pictures for a pose that I have posed.

I wonder it's her with the skill of the weather there is just nice to take any picture. cause somehow I look good in most of the pictures. and I don't really remember much of the places where pictures were taken. cause everywhere simply look beautiful, perhaps it is true about a Chinese saying, "the moon is always rounder in a foreign country".


I have no idea what the purse stands for, probably it's about "it's time to spend more" as it is placed right in front of the H&M building. yeah, it's not just a store with few floors, it's the whole building of H&M.

standing right beside the pole. yeah, Wong Kai Xin, what are you trying to taking a picture right beside it?


I have no idea what the photographer had said to make me smile like this. but surprisingly, it doesn't look that bad.


I think my hand looks super awkward, totally have no idea what was I doing with the hand in that kind of position.

signing off. XOXO

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