just realize that I have not posted anything about Brisbane though I have finally finished blogging about Adelaide and Melbourne. mainly because most of the photos are not with me, but with the tour guide, Pei-Jia.

She had been nagging me again and again to look for her at Brisbane ever since she started studying there and am only flying over after her degree graduation. what to do? AUD is super expensive.

so I was picked up by this annoying girl from the airport and took a good rest at her place on the first day. she is generous enough to spare me a room and tried to make me as comfortable as possible upon my stay in Brisbane.

as she has tutorial which she is the tutor and she is pretty busy with her thesis, I told her it is fine for me to wander around in the city all by myself. it is more than enough to spare me a room which I can stay upon my arrival. then her mother suggests to bring me along to places as she had been visiting Brisbane on and off ever since her elder brothers study in Australia.

the next morning, I was woken up when PJ mother tried to wake PJ. after having the homemade breakfast by PJ mother, PJ drove us to the subway station and taught me a bit on where to get down to the places that I've marked to go on that day.

then the adventure begins with a tourist and the friend's mother who is almost a tourist as I am. luckily I have a google map and a TripAdvisor with me.

St john's Anglican Cathedral

Performing Arts Center 


South Bank

all of the pictures of mine were taken by PJ mother then a stranger pops up saying he is taking a picture of us. 

Wheel of Brisbane

Catholic Old St Stephen Church

quite peiseh at first when I have to pose in front of an aunty for all the visitor photos, but then again, she told me that I'll regret if am not taking all these photos.

Anzac Square War Memorial

Treasury Casino

PJ joined us right after she had finished her class and brought us for food. PJ was told by her mother that she had not been to most of the attractions I have brought her. am the so called the tour guide of the day, all thanks to TripAdvisor.

Queen Street Mall

we did a little shopping here before we head back for dinner. more like a window shopping for me because I can't stop myself for converting them.

till the next time. XOXO

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