movie world

after the not so extreme park at sea park, PJ brought me to the Movie World. she says I have paid for the entrance fee, I should not waste the entrance fee that I have paid. 

there is quite a number of staffs putting on the costumes and act as the superheroes that most of the people know.at least am able to shout out which superheroes they are. I thought it's okay for me to get into the park and take enough pictures to worth my entrance, who knew am still dragged by PJ on all those crazy looking rides that took my breath away for numerous times.

indeed, managed to took some pictures with the staffs in costume that walk around. the queue indeed is not a short one, but it worth the wait.

green lantern and flash

cat woman

the staff really get into the characters that they are assigned with as they actually act as what I have been seeing on screen.

us with the batman and the his fabulous car

the queue for this is not joke. the batman comes out of no where with his fancy car for a parade and people are crazy over it and started to queue for it. luckily we manage to queue it earlier as some staff came out and say no more photos as it will delay some other activities. pity those who queue behind us.
Marilyn Monroe

quite awkward taking this picture as I need to stand on this windy stage and let the photographer do her work. so people queuing and waiting will be looking if am taking too many photos.

it's been a long time since the last time I have been on any thrill rides as am way too afraid to get on them. but those in Movie World, are way beyond what I have ever had. they look 10 times scarier than the shit that I have ever had.

the Superman Escape ride

this is the craziest ride that I have ever had in my whole life. it goes with the plot which the Superman saves the people from the collapsing building and a bunch of people happen to be in the carriage. so the concept is Superman is carrying us away from the danger in his speed, from 0-100km/hour in 2 seconds. the ride does look long enough, but it ends before I can catch my breath and it took at least an hour for my turn. 

the Green Lantern coaster

by comparing to the Superman Escape, this is rather a much more calm ones. but don't get me wrong, this is still a something because I did not get onto the Superman Escape ride before this. recommend taking the Superman Escape ride the last.

bat wing space-shot

it is a batman themed space-shot. unlike what I have tried in Genting, this shit doesn't finish in one shot after we had reached the top of the tower. instead, it goes up till the middle of it, then it shot up in full speed, then it drops it crazy speed and repeat this for a few times. coincidentally, it finishes before the thrilling feeling fades as repeating the same thing will make a ride decrease the thrill of a ride.

what I love about this place is that every corner worth to be in the picture. can't stop taking picture whenever I go as the park is well designed and decorated.

a vintage car in a vintage street

last photo before head back to PJ place

obviously it is supposed to be some of the character on duty for this spot, don't really know who will be sitting it and he's away for lunch break. so we might as well just take a picture of it when we were waiting for (I don't remember who) before we leave the place.

before I leave Brisbane, PJ told me to visit her again before my pass expires. the thought kinda flashed in my mind, but the thought kinda vanishes automatically when am back in KL with empty bank account. indeed, movie world park is one of the best theme parks I have ever been, and also the largest ones. I mean, till now, cause I have never been to a bigger ones.

signing off. XOXO

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