Old Skool Cafe

it's been a while since cafe gone viral in KL among the youngsters. then it started to spread and the number of cafes in Kuantan started to grow as well.

basically they have a wall with the sign of the cafe on it. I think they purposely prepare that so that people can take a picture there with the sign of the cafe on it. so far I didn't see anyone taking a picture there, probably my own thought only la.

big breakfast

it's brunch time and am craving for big breakfast at that moment. nothing to comment about the food. it doesn't surprise me at all and it doesn't taste bad as well..

chocolate moist cake (if am not mistaken)

am not a cake person, but I feel like having something sweet, so there goes the cake. tried, still not a big fan of cake. I think I only had a few bites.

then there is another day when I need to meet the best friend. somehow the best friend had never been here, so I suggested this place as I have never tried their drinks (ordered sky juice previously). and kind of had my supper cause am craving some steak by that time.

mocha and latte (if am not mistaken)

the only coffee that will ever take in Mocha and I don't really know how to appreciate a good cup of coffee. so be fair, no comment.

chicken steak with mushroom sauce/black pepper sauce

it did fix my craving back then. I think this is not bad for a cafe with the price given. definitely better that the big breakfast.


how is the ambiance there? 
it does has the ambiance of a cafe should have.

how's the price?

how's the staff?
the staffs are quite friendly.

how's the food?
within expectation. nothing surprising.

will I ever go back there?
perhaps, when I need another catch up session with my friends.

signing off. XOXO

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