chinoz on the park

so it's all back to almost a year ago, how John Ong's birthday is celebrated. kind of fixed the location at the very first place already, but did not pick any restaurant back then.

randomly picked Chinoz in the park at the end of the day cause we have no idea where else we can go for dinner.

Soup: Saffron & Cilantro Fish

this was recommended when we asked the waiter for soup that he recommends. and this turned out to be the yuckiest soup that I have ever had. trust me, the bread beside tastes way better than the soup. it tastes more like petrol to me.

Starter: totally forgotten what the fuck is this

this is the representative of disappointment. only a few shit is edible that is served on the wood. and those that are edible didn't taste good at all. what's worse? I remember this shit ain't cheap at all. what the fuck?!

fettuccine seafood marinara

I hate tomato based spaghetti the most, but this is the best among all of the shits that we had ordered. it's like having a wood in the middle of the sea. never judge the book by its cover. this may look the worst, but it turned out the other way round. but again, if I knew this is a tomato based fettuccine, am still not ordering.

lastly, the birthday boy


how is the ambiance there? 
it is classy.

how's the price?
expensive, especially by serving that kind of quality of food. 

how's the staff?
they are pretty attentive.

how's the food?
outside expectation. unexpectedly disappointed with it. awful food.

will I ever go back there?
fuck no!

signing off. XOXO

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