three little pigs and the big bad wolf

it's been a while since the first time I had my first visit, at least 3 years ago. been eating here for a number of times, quite surprise I did not post any posting about this, probably didn't take any picture of the food but eating it straight when the food is served.

as usual, did not order any drinks as they serve sky juice. I don't really know how to taste a good cup of coffee, which sky juice will do fine for me.

I'm so hungry I could eat a wolf

the signature ones that is a must for those who is having their first try. I remembered my first try is superb back in Bangsar Village. but the satisfaction kind of drop bit by bit after every single time I had this.

pork kebab

when I first ordered kebab, I thought it is like some flour wrapping the pork in it as it doesn't really display how it looks like in the menu. was quite surprise when the dish is served, questioned ourselves for a bit on what we had ordered. probably it is not something we had ordered, it doesn't meet our expectation.


how is the ambiance there? 
wall is drawn with the story of the three little pigs by chalk. it did personalize it as one of its kind

how's the price?

how's the staff?
they are pretty attentive.

how's the food?
so so

will I ever go back there?
maybe, when I have strong craving for big breakfast, which is quite rare for me

signing off. XOXO

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