Sabah (part 1)

been saying we should visit Sabah even since the younger brother (KJ) got an offer from the public university in Sabah. did go to Sabah on the first day me and the mother send the brother all the way from Kuantan, but that doesn't counted as a visit as we didn't do anything local back then. so the youngest brother and I had picked a date when we are free and make the trip happen.

looked through the websites again and again for the best price of hotel and flight and decided to crash Sabah for 3 days. took Air Asia and the airport is rather different with the ones that I have arrived with the mother previously. then I remembered we took MAS for the first time, which the airport is slightly different. waited for a bit at the airport for the brother to pick us up from the airport, and he surprised us with the car he managed to rent with quite a low price.

KJ got us a kancil which the AC doesn't work well

KJ isn't familiar on the must go places in Sabah, so I did some research online on where to go and what to eat before landing Sabah. basically, it's more like am the one who had stayed there for a year.

1st stop: Melanian Sheng Rou Mian

people who had heard of Sabah should have heard that the place is famous with "Sang Yuk Mian". kind of googled on which restaurant serves the best and I was guided to Melanian.

ordered tofu for each of us and it is GOOD!

dried and soup "Sang Yuk Mian"

don't really remember do they taste good or not as there were not surprisingly yummy to me. based on my understanding, the dried ones tasted like the usual dried noodles and the essence, which is the meat will be served in the soup.

frankly speaking, it did disappoint me for a bit. I thought it will be something different and superb as it is famous with it.

later then, we check into our hotel to place our luggage and wander a bit at One Borneo Mall which is linked with the hotel we were staying. rested a bit at the hotel before we head out for another food hunt.

2nd stop: night market

the night market is located right beside the sea and by the time we head out to the night market, it's the time when the sun set. we were able to catch this beautiful scene before our dinner.

can you believe there is no filter used for this awesome view?

some shaved ice with macaroni in it. I don't like it

my kind of ABC, I prefer the ones in Kuantan


there is lots of stalls selling seafood which we can pick the one we want to eat. I was told the seafood is cheap, but somehow the ones selling there isn't as cheap as I thought. probably the hawkers know there will be lots of tourists and they are selling them in a rather high price.

but still, we did order some squid and crazily huge prawns. what's the point of not trying it if the price is out of expectation when I have traveled all the way here, right?

look how huge the prawn is, it's bigger than my hand!

as it is owned by Malay, there is kettle for us to wash our hands after eating it with hands.

we kind of wander the night market a bit after filling our tummy for dinner. we did had some other food as they are a bit common and I don't think it's necessary for me to take a picture of it. we kind of call it a day after that as I don't feel safe for the place we had parked the car.

signing off. XOXO

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