Sabah (part 2)

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head out for food first thing we got up the next day, of course after brushed ourselves up.

1st station: fish sauce fried mee hoon @ Kopi Ping Cafe

posted the photo on Instagram and kind of deleted that picture. as it is the only thing recommended online in that cafe, we only ordered that with other drinks because there is the famous buns next to the coffee house.

as far as I can remember, the mee hoon is good. it is worths every penny of it. but I can't stuff my stomach with only that, more food is coming.

2nd stop: custard bread @ Kedai Kopi Mee Ngar

purposely order this which is a few shops next to Kopi Ping Cafe, do not have any photos as well as we ate it right after it is served because we were hungry. when I realized that I hadn't taken any picture, it's a bit too late as it looks quite ugly already.

put too much hope on the bun, it turned out to be quite disappointing. the mee hoon indeed tastes better.

3rd stop: Gaya street

lucky enough I went there during weekend as the street is only there during weekends. but we were pretty late when we got there as most of the stalls are closing, still, we get to shop for a bit.

three of us (KJ, me & KY), indeed it is pretty hot there

4th stop: ZenQ My Signature @ ZenQ dessert

some shaved ice for the heat

as it is pretty hot back then, we can't stand the weather and decided to take a rest. didn't wanna try this at first, but it is highly recommended online, therefore I think we should give it a try. didn't order much as am not really a big fan of it. so we ordered one and share, saving the stomach for more food.

it meets my expectation, which is meh. I prefer traditional shaved ice like ABC back in Kuantan.

there is a stall making inai, me and KY decided to make one. this is mine, with dandelion. 

it's kinda like a last minute deal as we were the last customers. by the time it was our tune, most of the stalls had packed and left, leaving the street empty which gave us a better picture how it looked like without the Sunday market.

5th stop: Laksa & Ngao Chap @ Kedai Kopi Yee Fung

laksa. this is GOOD!

ngau chap. not a big fan of "ngau chap", but the soup is awesome

frankly speaking, this place isn't one of the place that is in my list as it wasn't that highly recommended online. but what attracted us is this place is full with people. our theory goes, "the food must be good in order to attract that amount of people", therefore we gave it a try.

end up the food is surprisingly good and found that most of the people that eat there are the locals. we considered ourselves lucky as we managed to find a gem without even looking for it. satisfying meal we had.

6th stop: Atkinson Clock Tower

the so called tower

as the tower is one of the must go attractions, so we went with high hope. we were quite disappointing when the Waze told us that we had arrived at our destination. as seen in the photo, it looks like that, and that's it.

signing off. XOXO

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