Sabah (part 4)

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Sabah is known for the island for scuba diving, but we don't have time for that. but what it is not mentioned online is that the sunset in Sabah is the best sunset I have ever seen. so we rushed to Tanjung Aru beach before the sunset right after the interaction studio.

the sky is still rather bright when we arrive at the beach

the sun is going down, and we were still looking for the best spot for the sunset.

googles it, and this is the best spot for sunset view

it's right in front of the Shangriri-La hotel. there is plenty of people with professional cameras waiting for the memorable moment.

spot the the little pavilion surrounded by coconut trees? we were planning to have the view there, it's called the sunset bar. the place is full and only residents of Shangri-La are allowed to enter without making any reservation beforehand.

so instead, we dine into the Shangri-La.

we shift to a place with a better view after getting our drinks that cost over RM50.

the drinks do worth the price as those chairs are only for Shangri-La's customers. and the drinks do ease the thirst of us after being exposed under the sun for a long period of time. not to mention, those mojitos are nice!

when the sun had fully set, we kind of wander around in the hotel itself and amazed by how luxury the stay will be if we have a better budget. indeed the place is well decorated, and it feels super comfortable although we were only wandering at the public access places.

we were welcome by this at the entrance

she doesn't happen to pose at there only, she was playing the instrument right in front of her. and it sounds relaxing. I don't mind sleeping in the lobby with the lady playing that instrument if my face is thick enough.

signing off. XOXO

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