Sabah (part 5)

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Seafood meal @ Welcome Seafood Restaurant

Sabah is known with the seafood. they say the seafood in Sabah is pretty cheap compare to the ones in Peninsula Malaysia. googled on the must eat seafood restaurant and it brought me this place, Da Qie Lai.

it sounds like "Da Jia Lai" which means everybody come. thought it is just a restaurant and I was super wrong as it owns the whole row of the shop. there is variety of live seafood in the aquariums right outside of the shops facing the road, customers get to pick which kind of seafood they prefer and they are cook right after they are fished out from the aquarium.

I have no idea is this, but this is huge!!


wanted to have lobster badly but it is a bit out of our budget. although we are told that the seafood in Sabah is pretty cheap, but it's not to the extend where we can eat all of the seafood we want. so we picked the ones we desire and the ones that we can afford.

fried vegetable, regret for ordering it, I don't like it.

I have no idea what is this, but it is good

some kind of snail

the fish is too good and I kind of realized I didn't take any picture of it till we have finished it.

dessert, the coconut pudding

ordered a bit too much and the price is pretty decent, not more than RM300. the fish is real big and it is quite a good deal, after telling our parents on what we had had. we were full till the throat but still, we ordered the coconut pudding, because it is highly recommended online.

forgot how did the pudding taste like, but it sure not something impressive, I guess. cause I must have remember it if it is really good.

Tomato Soup Fish Noodle @ Fatt Kei 

after checking out from the hotel, we head out for our last meal in Sabah before we head back to KL. so went all the way to Fatt Kei and we were lucky to grad a table for ourselves as it was crazily pack back then,

ordered a big portion of soup with meat in it to share

we get to pick which kind of noodles we prefer

dried noodle will be served and it depends on customer's choice. if some people prefer a dried ones, they will serve it with some black sauce, just like those dried noodle out there. and for those who prefer soup, it will be served with only the noodle that is cooked, soup can be added in later as it serves with the soup thing.

as far as I remember, the food worth every penny of it and it is really good. thinking about it made me drool by writing about this.

we head to the airport right after filling our tummy as the plane is not serving any food. we are cheapskate for not wanting to waste any penny on the plane as it is much more expensive compare to those on the ground.

coincidentally, no one is sitting with us

2 of us sat 3 seats as there is no one sitting next to us. I love my brother more, which explains why am letting him taking to chairs which he can lay there comfortably throughout the whole journey. we were lucky enough to have 3 seats by paying the seat of 2.

that's it for my Sabah post. Sabah indeed is a relaxing place to chill. am going back there again by exploring more as the few days we had were not enough.

signing off. XOXO

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