Thai Express

there was a time where Jaya One is my favorite place. so we decided to give Thai Express a try as I have a sudden craving for Thai food.

the menu

a huge elephant made up of all those tiny elephants. using the country animal as the logo, creative!

what's a Thai food without coconut?

clear base tom yam

was recommended the clear base is less spicy compare to the red base ones. told the chef that I don't really take spicy ones, and they make it less spicy. this is good and they are being considerable.


I have a thing for Thai chicken after I have tried out the pandan chicken back in Absolute Thai. the way they cook their chicken makes it stand out with those in Malaysia ones.


how is the ambiance there? 
so far so good.

how's the price?
don't really remember it anymore, I guess it's normal as I don't remember it specially cheap or expensive

how's the staff?
they are super nice, taking down my remarks and make the food according to my remarks

how's the food?
within expectation, good.

will I ever go back there?
yes, if I happen to be Jaya One and craving for Thai food

signing off. XOXO

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