Bistro Richard

so there is a day when someone told me we have to go to someplace because we are celebrating someone's birthday. then we drove all the way to this place where we are totally not familiar of, driving to the destination is pretty scary as we passed by an old building. no doubt, that building looks pretty during day time, but it's more like a haunted mansion during night time.

upon arrival, I was amazed by the environment of the park. did I not mention the restaurant I went is located in Sentul Park? never ever thought that there will be such park with such scenery in the middle of a busy city.

without hesitation, took my signature OOTD with the brick wall

there is a lake in the middle of the park

did't manage to take much photos as we were stopped by some random security guard that we were not allowed to take any photos in the park, wondering why. 

there is also a section where it is not opened for public but only to some certain group of people. forgot what it is stated with the board, but the section does look good. if I've not forgotten, it is like some kind of jogging track, a fancy kind.

when it is almost time, we walked to the restaurant and before entering the restaurant, there is these much of wine bottle well arranged beside the walk path.

kinda stare at the menu for some time before ordering anything

the view from our table

ordered a drink, which I don't really remember what drink I have ordered

escargot, this is nice. I call it, fancy snail

grilled chicken with mashed potato

creme brule. had been wanted to try this but this is definitely not what I have thought of.

how is the ambiance there? 
its' good, but there's quite an amount of mosquito because of its location

how's the price?
don't remember

how's the staff?
don't remember

how's the food?
don't remember

will I ever go back there?

I think basically everything is so so as I don't really remember anything about it. guess it is not that bad, but it is not significantly nice as well.

signing off. XOXO

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